Web Design Process

Our web design process is

Below you will find our web design process from start to finish. If you still aren’t convinced that your business needs a website to survive in the modern age of digital marketing, please check out our helpful article found here regarding website design. If you are looking for additional information on SEO, please take a minute to read our page dedicated to it. We look forward to talking with you!

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Web Design Process

For the perfect web design, try the Godby Tech process

First Meeting

Let's get to know eachother

The first step in our web design process is our favorite part. Our number one goal is to find out how we can help you and your business grow online. We ask questions to learn about your product or service, as well as understand your vision. We may ask details regarding your business and products. This first meeting is critical for us to get the job done right. When we have a handle on the direction you would like to go, we will give you an overview of how we can help you.

Project Proposal

We will send over a packet of information

The second step in our web design process is to create a project proposal that will outline all of the important information. We reiterate goals you wish to accomplish, how we plan to meet those goals, set expectations, and break down the expenses involved in the project. Additionally, we cover the project timeline and a straightforward terms of agreement. If you think it all sounds good, sign our project proposal electronically and your one step closer to your new website.

web design process
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Deposit to Begin Work

A deposit is required for the work to begin

Depending on the nature of the project, the deposit may vary. It’s a fairly common procedure in the website development industry. The deposit is usually between 10-20% of the total project cost. Sometimes this deposit will go toward the acquisition of paid themes or plugins for WordPress websites. The deposit is non-refundable. We will begin the work immediately after receiving it by creating a mockup design of your website.

Mockup Design

A simulation of your website will be created

The mockup design portion of our website design process will include images of what your website will look like. We believe this is the best way to achieve our clients goals, as well as delivery a beautiful and intuitive UI/UX (user interface, and user experience). Our designer will share their creation with you directly once they have it completed. If you give your stamp of approval, we will move onto the next stage of our process.

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Receive Content

The client should provide images and written content

No one knows your business like you. This is the reason why we really encourage our clients to write material that will be featured on their website. This will help the consumers to really get to know your products and services. Additionally, it allows you to have more control over how your website will turn out. If you are unable to provide written content, Godby Tech can help you. Be sure to mention this early in the process so that our content writers can get busy to work for you. 

Create Test Site

A test site is created and development begins

We have a design concept, we have written material and images- maybe even some videos. Great! What’s next? Godby Tech will create a ‘test domain’ to start initial development of your new website. You will be supplied with the URL to your test domain where you can track live updates on your website. It’s encouraged for clients to take a peek now and again to see how we are doing. Feedback is encouraged during this phase. Once the development is nearing an end, we move along to our next step.

web design process

Client Feedback

Changes will be made based on client feedback

We will set up a time to meet with you at this part of the web design process. We will discuss all of the features and pertinent points of the website. We will also go over the website’s ‘look and feel’ for users. Should you request any additional changes to made, it will be applied during this phase- as it’s dedicated exclusively to receiving feedback. Once any changed that need to be made have been completed, we move on to our final approval phase; getting our client’s final approval.

Final Approval

Client final approval signifies development is completed

This is perhaps the most exciting part of our web design process. The works done, we’ve made changes along the way, we’ve also tested the website to ensure there are not any bugs in the system. A final approval may involve you clicking around your new website and making sure everything is up to your satisfaction. We love to see our clients reaction when they are met with their new website!

website training


We provide training if included in project proposal

If we have including and training into our project proposal this is where we would conduct it. We can train you, or anyone else on how to do various tasks with your new website. This may include (but not limited to) adding new pages, blog posts, products, plugins, backing up the site, adding users, updating the site, or building pages. If you need training, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate to your schedule and put some dates on the calendar to make it happen. 

Final Payment

Client pays the final invoice

Once design, development, edits, approval, and training have all been completed – it’s time to pay the outstanding bill. We can receive payments several different ways, so be sure to check with someone here at Godby Tech on what options you have available. Your website will be waiting to go live as soon as we receive the final payment. We can also supply our clients with copies/backups of the website upon request. After we receive payment, we move on to the final step of our web design process. 

Go Live!

The website is pushed on live domain and is fully active

Once the final payment is received we will migrate your new website onto a live domain. If you do not already have a domain and/or a hosting account, we will be happy to get you set up with one. Our migration process only takes an hour or two and the new website should be available for users the same day. Congratulations on your new website!

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