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About 57% of all web traffic is done with a mobile device (that number is growing). If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be really losing out on web traffic, which could lead to a loss in revenue. Aside from retaining users and encouraging them to come back, your website will rank better in search engines. Mobile friendly sites are a must-have in our digital world. Is your website mobile friendly?

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Why is having a mobile responsive website so important?

Back in October of 2016, mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic on the internet. This market a really significant event and made a statement about consumers: People prefer to use their cell phone to browse the internet. The number of users that use mobile devices now is growing every day. These same users need to have websites that are mobile friendly and shrink down to their mobile device screen size. It’s a competitive marketplace online and if you don’t have a website that is responsive to mobile, you could be losing out on potential customers. Check out global mobile usage trends here.

Mobile Friendly Affects SEO

Mobile friendly websites benefit your SEO

Search engines like Google look at a ton of different factors when deciding how to rank pages. For a more detailed page regarding SEO check out our page on it here. Remember that big change in mobile users back in 2016 I referred to earlier? Google also made a big change then when it shifted how it ranked websites based on the mobile version of your website first. To put it in simple terms, it makes up about a third of everything in terms of SEO. If you run an eCommerce website and your site is not mobile friendly this is huge.

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