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At Godby Tech, we are your Las Vegas SEO experts. Our SEO, or search engine optimization services adopts modern and effective techniques to increase your ranking in search engines. We specialize in getting you to the top of Google organic searches, Google maps, and other platforms. SEO provides a high ROI on marketing costs.

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Professional Las Vegas SEO

SEO drives growth and branding - is your site optimized?

There are a lot of SEO companies out there. Most of these companies promise the moon, but rarely deliver good on those promises. We have proven strategies to get your ranking as quickly as possible. If your reading this page now because you searched for a term like, “las vegas seo”, “las vegas seo company”, “local seo las vegas”, or “seo services las vegas” it should demonstrate a fundamental understanding of how to do to make websites rank. 

We understand how to take the process and apply it to any website. There are a few elements that we specifically focus on in order to make your business found easily in search engines. It can be a really competitive market in the world of SEO. Now more than ever your business needs a professional on your side to help your company grow presence online. It’s our job to get the informed and “ready to buy” customer in front of your website with all the information they need to make a purchase. This allows you to focus on what really matters- taking care of your customer.

What is SEO?

(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, SEM, and SER are all terms used to define the practice of optimizing a website so that it gains ranking in a search engine. Search engines do this by a complex system of ranking a websites authority. Keeping it at the most simple form, the practice of SEO makes websites rank higher in the search engines and connects users who are searching the internet for specific terms. There is no cure all solution to make this happen. There are strategies we follow here that serve as a guide, however each specific situation is likely unique in the exact steps that it takes to get a page to rank higher.

The ultimate goal of any business owner is to earn ROI on their marketing investments through sales. SEO provides the best dollar amount per capita compared to other marketing tactics. SEO growth typically starts of relatively slow but does show fairly quick results

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An example of curvature on a graph tracking ROI over four quarters. Most noticeable may be month 4-5 when the trend really started to accelerate. 

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SEO Basics Concepts

Keys to driving organic website traffic

On site SEO – This includes clever tactics to improve the quality of content as well as manipulating certain pieces of code to the website. Other parts of On Site SEO may include page speed, mobile responsiveness, and the use of structured data.

Off Site SEO – Everything that happens away from your domain is considered off site SEO. Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. are great ways to bolster your off site SEO.

Link Building – Building links are helpful for many different reasons but search engines. Several factors go into this such as the quality of the inbound links, as well as the authority that the referring domain has.

Keywords – Keywords are critical to getting your pages to the top of the search. It’s paramount to understand which ones to use. If you are off track with your keyword strategy it’s going to be much harder for people to find you on the web.

SEO Services

(What We Do That Affects Your Ranking)

Other factors that help your SEO rankings may include (but not always limited to):

  • Internal links
  • Reading scores
  • Twitter cards
  • Title tags
  • Keyword density
  • Permalinks
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta descriptions
  • XML sitemaps
  • Social media
  • Robots.txt
  • Breadcrumbs
  • SSL’s
  • Open graph attributes
  • Semantic analysis
  • Minify scripts
  • Minify CSS
  • Google My Business
  • Resolve crawl errors
  • Social sharing
  • Latent semantic index
  • SRC attributes
  • 301 redirects
  • Inline code optimization
  • Rich snippets
  • Structured data
  • Google analytics
  • Google trends
  • Image alt text
  • Heading tags
  • Styling (CSS) optimization
  • Page speed
  • Responsiveness (mobile friendly)
  • Proper redirects
  • Search console 

For more excellent information on SEO from a beginners perspective, check out this website on Moz. wrote a fantastic blog on SEO tools to help rank, check them out!

Boost Your SEO

With SEO that actually works!

I get asked nearly every day the same question. “Why can’t I even find my website when I search for it in Google?” It’s a fantastic question. The truth is, there really is not a simple answer. If you find yourself in the position of so many business owners that need more website visitors, your probably in the right place. We provide local SEO in Las Vegas to help out clients leverage search engines for the best ROI of nearly any marketing tactic. Don’t be fooled by international companies that claim to be the “best SEO company”. We do business right here in the state of Nevada and offer around the clock support for our clients. Give your business that boost it needs to start drumming up new business.

Las Vegas SEO Company

Helps another business by boosting SEO

We helped a physical therapy clinic out of Ohio reach new levels by making them rank for terms such as, “physical therapy newark”, “occupational therapy newark”, “school therapy newark”, “industrial therapy newark”. You can see from the image to the right, out of 7,600,000 results our client came in third on Google Maps (for the entire country!)

As a result, growth trends of organic traffic become more and more apparent, and turn-over to schedule appointments rapidly increased. 

See the images below for additional search terms results after SEO.

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The above image depicts a screenshot from Google Analytics. The curve of this graph is showing a steady increase of website visits over the course of the month. Website visits often lead to sales. 

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SEO Pricing

"What's the cost to optimize my site?"

It’s quite difficult to give a single price upfront on SEO services. The actual cost can be quite different depending on the circumstances. Some specific industries are harder to rank for than others due to competition. A second big factor is where your business is located. For example a small rural town would be easier to rank for than densely populated New York City. The easiest way to get a quote for local SEO in Las Vegas is by getting a free consultation. We will evaluate your circumstance and outline a plan to address your concerns and goals. 

SEO Reviews

Don't take our word for it. Here is what our clients have said:

Godby Tech has been great to work with! They are very knowledgeable about anything computer related. Our web site design blew me away and was above and beyond my expectations. We are so excited to launch it soon! Thanks Godby Tech.
*Google Reivew*

Paul Kaple (Rehab Associates) Tweet

I had the pleasure of working with Godby Tech when we needed some help bringing our company up to speed in the digital marketing arena. Their professionalism and quality of work was on point, however their efficiency was way over the mark. The optimization work on our site took us from the fourth page on Google to the top four on the first page in less than a day.


Additional Information

Local clients in the Las Vegas area also have access to Godby Tech’s photography and drone footage marketing resource. We can come to your business and film to create content for your website. See our portfolio for previous projects. Ask us how we can help market your business!

Our eCommerce websites come ready to work for you generating revenue. Most of our eCommerce website designs come using WordPress and WooCommerce, however we can make special accommodations if your business needs a different solution.

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