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Business CRM Solutions that are high quality and low cost are hard to find. Fortunately, Godby Tech has developed a CRM system that will replace your HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk, or Netsuite accounts. Experience native payment gateways, eSign, manage invoices and estimates, create a support system for your customers – and so much more. How much could you save by eliminating all of the third party systems your using and replacing it with one CRM?

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Business CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Software

With its clean and modern design, our CRM solution can help improve business performance, cut costs on third party payment processing systems, and improve your business operations. Our system can be hosted on our servers, or on your own. Explore some of the features our powerful and cost effective CRM system has to offer.

What can our CRM do for your business?

Project Management CRM

Manage Projects Easily

Manage, quote, invoice, and get paid for your projects easily with our CRM solution. Keep track of how much time was spent on each task, and by who. Select a staff member to assign projects and tasks to. The best part is the customer can keep track of the project and tasks from the customer portal. No more customers calling for updates and progress. Customers get a progress bar that gradually fills to 100% based on various tasks in the project. Get overview of all your company projects from your dashboard so you never miss anything. 

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invoice management crm

Invoice Management CRM

Manage Invoices

Build dynamic and professional looking invoices. Options to attach files and send invoices directly to clients make invoices a breeze. Check on outstanding, past due, and paid invoices in a table or a graph. Set up reccuring invoices. Customers will have access to invoices through their customer portal. Connect your payment gatway of choice to the CRM for internal payment processing. No more multi-system setups for processing invoices and getting paid.

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Estimate Management CRM

Create Flawless Estimates

Create customer invoice estimates in seconds and send them directly to your customers. Customers will have the option to accept estimates and digitally sign the document. No more third party systems like DocuSign to add an eSignature to your digital documents. Your customers can view or even take actions toward your estimate with or without logging into their customer portal.

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Leads Management CRM

Manage Leads

Keep track of all your leads in one system. Follow them as their status change. Create custom lead statuses and route them anywhere you want. Pick a staff member to assign leads to and have them leave notes to follow up! Auto import your existing leads from email, add notes, create proposals, and attach files. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop. Easily create website contact forms from inside the CRM with a form builder and copy and paste the HTML into your website. From there, contact form submissions will be funneled inside the CRM and will notify whoever you want. 

Report Management CRM

Run Reports on Sales & Expenses

Generate reports so that you have a clear view of everything going on in your business. Keep track of things like income vs. expenses and lead convertion rates. The reporting system is incredibly robust and offers the ability to run reports on just about any data points that are stores inside your database. Export your reports in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats. Never have to use another third party program again to run reports on everything in your business.

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customer portal crm

Client Portal CRM

Customer Portal System

The customer portal section of the CRM is dedicated for customers. It is seperate from the staff/admin area. Customers have access to estimates, invoices, knowledge bases, projects, files, calendars, and support features. Clients can interact with outstanding projects, get updates, check out helpful articles, and stay connected. Move away from the labor intensive customer interactions model. Use a feature rich customer portal system and save payroll hours for what is really needed in your business.